Everglow Metaphysical Store

Mind • Body • Soul

Everglow involves the journey of healing the MIND, BODY & SOUL. Our store carries products that help customers with their spiritual healing methods.


We have cleaning tabs for your diffusers. We tested it out ourselves with great results. Here’s are before and after pictures. These tabs help extend the life of your diffuser. Each box contains 6 tabs. $8.99+tax

**NEW** • • • • We have The Crystal Spirit Oracle Deck which was just released at the beginning of this month in. #airplants #oracledeck #smokeycitrinepoint #rosequartzobelisk #crystals

Congratulations to Tanya Lynn Manuel for winning the spa contest. She guessed 3555 and I had the number 3553! She was 2 numbers away! WOW!!


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  • Divination Tools
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Our Story

Meaning of the name Everglow: A feeling after you stop feeling sad. That tiny bit of hope or light that you feel after you have been through something big. A light, a glow, a happiness.